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Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 10 o'clock pm, Day of the Sun, Grand Struggle 13th, 1534 T.A.
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Elven Enmity

"A good deep elf or an evil elf is simply not possible. A Grey elf or deep elf is simply not possible. A griffon or elf friendly with a deep elf is unnatural and a revilement to all the gods. Let anyone who sees one aiding the other destroy them both, for they are abominations to the gods."
--- From "Gathered Counsel of the Gods" edited and compiled by Riov Ryon, half-elf Torrum Aracana Scholar.

"Why do I hate elves? Huh, why do you like asking questions?"
---Gorsan Tinel, Deep Elf mercenary of Ch'zzrym

"The enmity will never die for the same reason you'll never see sunlight in shadow."
---Sylanis Yaniel, Elven sorcerer of Sith'a'niel

"It is a rite of passage in some of the Ch'zzrym Houses for a young deep elf to go out in the world and return with the scalp of an elf. It thus binds the young ones closer to their House, and perpetuates the eternal cycle of conflict and revenge..."
---From "Lasting Enmity" by Twiza Vonis, human Torrum Arcana Scholar

"For the cause of good I must commit violence against those that are evil. As one must lance an infected boil, so must one purge the deep elves from the realms."
---Ravin Felgaros, elven paladin and commander at Fort Tethos

"You see the seeds of redemption in the heart of this creature? I disagree. So let us then slay him and commit his spirit to the care of the gods. They shall know their own."
--- Sir Lorias Fenlarath, Knight Commander of Taslamar, Paladin and elven hero of old.

...Svart felt the knife twist within. It was at this moment she decided that her path led down the trail of suffering and strength, regardless of cost. In depending upon others, one becomes a victim, she reasoned, even if that person is your kin. In her fury, Svart drew her sword and in one motion, cleaved Henkilo in twain.

Henkilo gasped in sorrow, and her spirit left the realms forever to join the gods. Sith'a'niel cried aloud as if she herself had been struck, and wept over the body of her mother.

"Come to me, my brothers and sisters," cried Svart. "Let us mold the realms in our image. Let us be free of the other races and hold dominion over all the realms beneath our feet, for truly, that is what the gods intended."

Sith'a'niel, still weeping for her mother, rose to defy Svart. "We've been granted responsibility, not dominion, my sister. And it is apparent that your heart would twist the realms away from the gods' intentions."

Half of the children sided with Sith'a'niel, half with Svart. With a howl of rage, Svart and her followers began to battle Sith'a'niel and her cohorts, fighting over the very spot where their mother had died. Sith'a'niel's band managed to fight back Svart's, forcing them deep into the bowels and belly of the earth.

There did Svart and her band form a city, the city of Ch'zzrym. They called themselves the deep elves, and the followers of Sith'a'niel took the name elves....

So, then, did Sith'a'niel and the elves take to the woods, creating homes and shelters for themselves in the bows and branches as children of trees and sunlight.

To this day, from the deeps come the children of Svart to take dominion, from the forests and woods come the children of Sith'a'niel to protect and contain.
--- "The Myth of Henkilo" translated from versions of tale in both the ancient Sylvan and Deep by Dylva Razhell. Full text available at Craeftilin University.

The enmity between elves and deep elves is as deep and primeval as the hostility between fire and water. What one must understand is that Good is as ingrained into elves as Evil is into deep elves, in nature, in upbringing, and in world view. To turn from this path is impossible....

The nature of the elf/deep elf division has its truth covered in the murk of the deepest prehistory. That difficulty, however, has not stopped scholars like myself from pontification and speculation. Torrum Arcana scholar Wesley Wifts, for example, claims it was simply a matter of evolution which "created the roiling division in world view as well as physical appearance" (234, see also Viorgin Curmen's chapter on the evolution of elves in his tome "Leap in Form: A Study of Divergence"). That is, because it suited them better for survival, the elves became "good" sorts who interacted diplomatically with other races, while the cloistered deep elves grew self-oriented and xenophobic in their separation. Even the attributes can be seen as natural selection: the pale cast of the deep elf works well for a creature who sees little of the sun, and the golden cast of the elves works best for those must blend against trees and endure the light of the sun. The two races, goes the claim, are both tributaries of the same river....

Folklore supports the theory of an original race from which these two cousins sprung. Imperial Scholar Nolis Porstoy points out that the myth of Henkilo, despite blatant master-race propaganda and bias evident in "every over-solemn syllable," may have a germ of truth to it (56). Careful study has shown definite links in heritage between the two races, separated in the polar opposites by some event so far-flung in the past we may never uncover it, the "Halfling Universal Source Race" theory notwithstanding (Blunderbuck, 241-78)....

Yet for being only skin deep, the differences are immense. Elves are totally oriented towards the causes of good, deep elves to the causes of evil. A change in one race's world view from one to the other is such an enormous change that it cannot be done, for "such a severe change would surely result in catatonia and internal and physical damage," (Shooth, 567). Even a move to the neutral world view is impossible, as the pursuit of Good and Evil is forever locked into the hearts of elves and deep elves, respectively....
---Excerpts from "Racial Enmities: A Study of Self-Perpetuating Violence Cycles," by Quarn Bagasill, gnome Professor Emeritus of Craeftilin University

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