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Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
Game time is 9 o'clock pm, Day of the Sun, Grand Struggle 13th, 1534 T.A.
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History of the Griffons

One day at the grotesque library/laboratory of the noble Sorceror Monmeqio, the birth of a race of peoples was to take place. Monmeqio had an eagerness to create a race of immensely powerful and completely virtuous beings. These beings would look like any other human, except for remarkable strength, endurance, and power. Monmeqio's experiences with the beings he had already known proved that normal men and women were incapable of being moral and just on their own. Humankind needed moral leaders, those who would be better than the rest. And so, tirelessly, Monmeqio slaved away at a cauldron that would be the spawning vat for a new and improved human being.

Most of the gods of the immortal pantheon at the time saw this as an arrogant attempt of a mortal to have godlike ability. How dare he! How dare an insolent mortal take it upon himself to create a being because he sees the ones that the gods have provided for him as unfit moral creatures! So the gods decided to watch his progress, sure that his experiment will fail, because no mortal can create life from nothing. Of all the gods, Yigg seemed fairly indifferent to the whole matter. In his eyes, what is another type of being really mean anyways. Since most men have no problem with taking away life, why not let one of them create a few? But this was a big issue with the rest of the gods, so Yigg paid it no mind. But yet, because the other gods' interest was so great in this matter, Yigg thought it should be looked into.

On the final day of preparation for the spawning of what was to become the "perfect" human being, Monmeqio asked from his patron Zarathustra the blessing of wisdom to perform this task without fail. After his brief prayer, Monmeqio began the incantation that would animate the organic bits in his cauldron into a perfect human.

Yigg, hidden beyond mortal sight, sat and eagerly watched this proceeding. Zarathustra, hidden beyond mortal and immortal sight (particuarly Yigg's) also watched the proceedings, fully prepared to terminate this nonsense IF it were to occur, and also to keep a sharp eye on the enigmatic and often unpredictable Yigg.

The green liquid began to stir, and began to MOVE! With supreme concentration needed, Monmeqio continued to chant over the cauldron. And then disaster struck.

Yigg, so excited by movement in the cauldron, involuntarily came out of his invisiblity and rushed to see what was moving. This came as no suprise to Monmeqio, since he had figured that the gods were going to take interest to the event. However, Yigg being comfortable in the form of a monstrous LURKER, had not thought to morph back into a more suitable form, like say, something not COMPLETELY horrific.

Monmeqio became shocked and stunned at the sudden appearance of a horrible monster in his laboratory running full speed at his experiment. This, needless to say, broke his concentration. It is here, at this crucial moment, that the spell went awry. The thing emerged from the vat, but it was covered in feathers! Bearing wings and sharp talons, it resembled a GIANT BIRD OF PREY! An Eagle perhaps! Monmeqio, in his horror, stood helpless as the magical creature took form, representing everything Monmeqio asked for, except its looks.

Zarathustra, for the first time in centuries of existance, burst into laughter at this incredible experince. Laughing all the while, Zarathustra took Yigg by his LURKER yahkniv(*) and dragged him into the clouds. From that day forward, the Lord of Knowledge, Zarathustra took the form of what he called the Griffon, the title of the noble creature born that day. And Yigg, although heavily scolded for taking the form of a LURKER all the time, seemed unconscious of the seriousness of the whole ordeal.

(*) A "yahkniv", by LURKER anatomy, is a fleshy tusk protruding from underneath it's ear.

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