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Jan 2013
Shattered Kingdoms
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Myths of the Pantheon, Part 1

The Myth of Dulrik and Bane

In the beginning of what you would call time, before there existed life, there came to be two prime forces of the known world: Good and Evil. These two polar forces swirled and manifested, and from the mists of their entanglement emerged a sphere of earth and water. The mists then took embodied form, and was thus born the anthropomorphic dieties of Dulrik (from the mists of good) and Bane (from the mists of evil). These gods, recoginizing their own power, gazed at the sphere before them and claimed it as their own. But conflict arose as to whom would own it, for surely men of their magnitude could not share such a sphere. So they began an epic combat wielding power inconcievable to the mortal mind to destroy one another. This conflict became known to mortals as the Battle of Antiquity. The battle raged for eon upon eon, for time flows for the gods not as they do for men. As they fought, the sphere below them began to stir, for their powerful magicks sparked what men would call life. Plants, animals, and conscious beings arose and began to wander in their own way. Then the gods called off their battle to discover that, in their combat, life had begun and that several other divine beings emerged from their magicks. Compelled to continue their battle, but unwilling to risk the dangers of creating more choas from their magicks, they decided to subvert and control the mortal life below them on the sphere, and did battle with those mortals to gain influence and power over the other.

The Myth of the Children of Dulrik and Bane

During the Battle of Antiquity, their powerful magicks affected more than just each other. From their conflicting interests compounded with their supreme power, four dieties were born. First, there was the goddess later known as Indigo. For as the nature of plants and animals began to flourish beneath them, so did the magickal power of their combined whole. This combined power manifested into the anthropomorphic being later called Inidgo. Upon her self-awareness, she began to tend to the currently formed world. When later contacted by Dulrik and Bane, she gave them the name of Indigo for the beauty of a purple violet matched her own stunning appearance. Second was the being known as Xareth, who formed from a black ooze-like substance. The conflict and strife felt between the raging gods manifested itself into this being, and thus was born the god Xareth of War and Chaos. Third was the god later known as Yigg. After the manifestation of Xareth, there remained some of the primordial ooze from which Xareth was born. While in the same manner that Xareth was created, Yigg appeared more slowly and monstrous. Seeing this monstrous being (which resembles the smog monster from Godzilla) Dulrik and Bane struck it with their mighty weapons cooperatively, not knowing what in the hell it was. The blow sent the spawning and sprawling Yigg hurtling towards the sphere, and where he stayed until a long time later. Lastly, Nada appeared, although the first confirmed presence of Nada came much later. What is known about Nada is veritably little, and Dulrik and Bane refuse to speak of it. But the explanation the mortals tenatively cling to is that Nada perhaps existed as the Mists of Reality itself from which Dulrik and Bane came, and that Nada chooses to take corporeal form at whim.

Later, far after the Battle of Antiquity, Dulrik had children of his own. Upon the refusal of Lord Dulrik to answer the question of the mother of the two, the name of the mother is unbeknownst to mortal men. His first born was named Isam, who was raised as the defender of justice. Later, his daughter was born and given the name Crysania, named for the beauty and flawlessness Dulrik saw in crystal. In turn, Bane had his children, of which he also refuses to state the mother of. His firstborn was Ghania of the Blood, his favorite and most prized of all things. His second child, which formed the discarded placenta of the mother, was Zarnex; most vile and hideous creature. Bane detested this being, but allowed Zarnex to exist on the premise that he would slay the children of Dulrik. To this Zarnex swore.

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