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 Post subject: Code Update 12/27/2011
PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:38 am 

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Impairment system:
- Saving against some spells can cause the Impairment affect
- List of publicly known impair spells: blindness, burning hands, 
  cone of cold, confusion, control undead, curse, deafness, dispel
  magic, domination, energy drain, fear, feeblemind, lightning bolt, 
  magma spray, persuade, petrification, plague, poison, shocking
  grasp, sleep, slow, and weaken
- An impairment temporarily degrades the relevant saving throw
- Impairments can stack from both the same and different spells
- Impairments no longer accrue once save bonus reaches zero

Warlock buff package:
- Buffs to chain lightning, fireball, magma spray, and cone of cold
- Elementals conditionally made more difficult to dispel
- Buffs to air and water elementals damage resistance
- Faerie fire removed from priests and awarded to warlocks
- Earthquake ignores magic resistance and protection
- Earthquake may cause victims to be knocked prone
- Added dig spell to find buried items and knock people prone
- Swap levels of burning hands and shocking grasp for warlocks
- Resist elements is no longer brew-able

- New restrictions for paragons rewarding the same person
- Power of dispel magic increased so it is easier to dispel
- Color spray blindness duration shorter than blindness spell
- Lore and identify display the bonus type of enchantments
- Added stance modifiers for riposte
- Wall of Fire allows XP gain again

Bug Fixes:
- Add damage messages for chain lightning
- Fix so damage message colors work with colored names
- Fix spelling error in devotion damage message
- Fix so newbies aren't blinded by color spray after auto-rez
- Fix so thieving message isn't shown when nothing was taken
- Fix for counting of limited items in the game
- Fix autoloot and autogold to work on NPCs
- Fix greetback when two people have same adjective
- Fix targeting bug when adjective had same prefix as name
- Fix to stop precasting of spells when under song of sleep
- Reduce spam from halt messages by law enforcement
- Fix order of wear off message when using sneak
- Various other refactoring and optimization of code

Note: Many of the fixes and changes went in over the last month.
Several of the warlock changes were live during the Yed RP event.

Read the Q&A thread here.

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