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 Post subject: Rules Infractions - New Web Form and Documentation
PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:59 pm 

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While there are no immediate changes being made to the text of the rules, we are launching a new web form and clarifying our documentation policy in an effort to improve enforcement of our existing rules and enhance the playing experience of everyone.

Effective immediately, the method to report rules infractions will be via web form at

We have always reviewed all submitted documents of rules infractions, such as logs, but this now explicitly includes information provided from third-party websites that can be corroborated.


Why are we changing the way we handle rules complaints?

The new form should allow us to follow up on player complaints in a more timely manner, and better direct players to file proper complaints to issues and rules violations the first time. Too often a player might have a legitimate concern, but they simply wouldn't provide all the needed information to investigate the accusation. This is a negative experience for the player who would feel let down, and an unpleasant situation for the staff since we would like nothing more than to address someone’s issue, but it's generally impossible with no evidence, and memories that are weeks old.

Why are we clarifying the acceptable documentation for rules violations?

There has been a noticeable uptick in IC/OOC harassment, including individuals luring players to outside communication channels only to abuse and harass them. If someone is being abusive to you outside of the official forums, we urge you to discontinue use of those communication channels regarding the game, and cease contact with those individuals. However, if someone chooses to take in-game actions into OOC channels, or vice versa, with the intent to harass players or violate the integrity of the game, those actions will be taken into account regardless of the location they occur. That is not the type of player we ever intended to cater to, and we will not cater to them any longer. This clarification of acceptable evidence is the next step in our continuing efforts to discourage this type of behavior.

How does this impact current rules enforcement?

The rules themselves are remaining unchanged at this time. Any increased enforcement will be a direct product of improved complaint quality, and more direct involvement of players in identifying and policing negative behavior that has always been against the rules but often went unreported and unpunished. If the need for further rules clarifications or changes becomes apparent they will be considered on a case by case basis and announced both in-game and on this forum.

It should not matter what I say or do outside the game!

This statement is mostly correct, it shouldn't matter what any player does outside the game, as long as what they do outside the game isn't in violation of the rules of the game itself. If you, as a player, are using OOC mediums to abuse or harass other players, arrange the harassment of other players, or otherwise violate any of the rules of Shattered Kingdoms, then it's the same as violating them using in-game communication methods. The easiest way to prevent what you do or say outside the game from negatively impacting you is to refrain from breaking the rules, and to treat your fellow players like human beings. Remember: The characters are supposed to be the villains, not the players behind them.


In closing, we want everyone to have a good time playing the game. New players. Old players. PK-centric. RP-centric. Together, you make this game what it is supposed to be. We only hope these changes can move things forward in a positive direction for everyone.

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