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 Post subject: Researchers Aren't Warriors - September 15th 2017 - Event
PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:55 pm 

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Researchers Aren't Warriors
Friday, September 15th - ???

Thanks to the hard work of all Pyrathians, forced to work together in dire times, The Dying Light and Tlax'cala were given the breathing room and raw materials to research the foul diseased corpses that infested the world. Due to the research conducted in that partnership between purveyors of final death and learned scholars there is now a plan to finally rid the world of these additional pockets of undeath once and for all...

The only problem is, the reagents needed for such a spell are quite costly, both in terms of time and risk to the lives of those who procure them.

The Dying Light and the mages of Tlax'cala are in need of six reagents found in the bodies of some of the most protected and powerful undead in the realms, and more importantly those who were not formed by the cursed magick that created this mess. While many dwell within the dark depths of the Necropolis, some are found in the more far-flung reaches of the world, and it is up to all of Pyrathia to do its part.

The list of targets for collection follows:

Lord Varloch
The Dracolich
A blood wight
A sessprian ghoul
The ghost of a sea captain
An undead dwarven lord

(Note: Until the noted date you won't receive the materials needed)

Once collected, bring the reagents to the halfling alchemist currently stationed just outside the colony so that he may deal with the toxic material in a safe manner.

Unsafe Travels

Saturday, September 16th 7:30pm PT/2:30am GMT

Kings and Queens sit on thrones, but true leaders do so from the front lines. Kimberly Foster, leader of the Dying Light, intends to show her leadership by leading a group of the willing and living to help collect the needed reagents. The fight will not be easy, regardless of the battle-hardened warrior taking part, and the responsibility is one that belongs to all who draw breath.

"I've been asked on more than one occasion why I would dare allow necromantic research to be done within the group, but that's an easy question to answer. The knowledge they gain helps us greatly in our fight, and should it finally prove too corrupting I can think of no where better for a new found master of undeath to be located then within the reach of the tip of my blade." - Kimberly Foster


UPDATE: All of the ichors were collected as of the Saturday event: Congratulations to everyone!

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 Post subject: Re: Researchers Aren't Warriors - September 15th 2017 - Even
PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:40 am 

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It's often said that the thrill of battle makes a warrior feel alive, and I suppose it does, but
bringing death to creatures that appear beyond it conjures a very special feeling of peerless
satisfaction. There are also few days more proud than when you find yourself fighting shoulder
to shoulder along side those of strong backs, stronger minds, and only the strongest sense of
purpose. Those days are sadly few and far between, but today I can feel the joy of writing to
all of Pyrathia to say that we have had many more of those moments in time than we deserve, and
we have dealt a decisive blow to the undead scourge that plagued these lands.

In a combined effort between the mages of Tlax'cala and our own scholars and alchemists, a plan
was developed to use the strongest essences of undeath found in the realms. Essences old as the
lands themselves, and essences untouched by the found magic that filled every nook and cranny with
unliving filth. Those untouched ichors were then to be used as a power source by the mages of
Tlax'cala to cast an ancient and powerful spell, not without risk to themselves, that targeted
these new undead for obliteration or restoration. I can now happily say that the spell has been
reported as complete, and in our initial surveys it was largely a success.

The blue knights of Seaside have been restored, as if by miracle, and have returned to the living
and the Imperial Keep has re-opened its doors, the long night over. The Bastion of Light was sadly
not as fortunate, and while it has been scoured of the walking dead its halls were left barren and
did not receive the same level of restoration as came to the Imperial lands. Finally, the Crossroads
Haven had already been rendered a smoldering ruin long ago and any magics aimed simply had no target
at its former lands. It seems while our efforts were ultimately successful, there will always be some
scar from an infestation of this magnitude...

But enough about the horrors of war that you are all too familiar with, and more about the warriors
that deserve our praise and respect. I would specifically like to call attention to: Jumei, Morovik,
Edvin, and Aselapa who all gave herculean effort to dispatch the most powerful undead they could
before I was recovered enough to assist personally. I would also like to call attention to those who
fought by my side as we stood toe to claw with the Dracolich: Findill, Avi, Ukubara, Halerad, and
Lyrithean. I have been in many battles, and seen causes almost as lost as this one, but never have I
had a list of heroes I would rather have standing at my back when the situation is most dire than
these men and women.

I leave you in closing with less flowery language, and the most simple words that I can offer to hopefully
prevent such an occurrence from happening again. There will be differences between us, mortals are at
least as fickle as the Gods above, but when any mortal or beast threatens more than your own life, but the
life of the realm itself, the sooner we should all set aside our differences, even if temporarily. We can
return to settling those differences the way we see fit at a later time, because no one receives glory or
respect when no one remains alive to recognize it.

Safe travels, and may the light in your eyes always shine until your final rest.

*A thick black wax seal depicting a skeleton in priestly vestments performing last rites*

Kimberly Foster

The Dying Light

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