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 Post subject: Official Group Induction Policy
PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2003 6:33 pm 

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own! wrote:
As much as one might say "Oh yes it's much better now" whilst wearing blinkers, it depends on the cabal. Some cabals don't like you asking, so the new 'two week' rule doesn't apply - you ask they'll say no.

I said that something had been done, not necessarily that it was much better now. I'd posted several messages about this on the Tribunal/Cabal Leader board but then I just got another complaint on this issue from someone who has been ignored by their cabal of choice for the last 4 months. This is one of my pet peeve topics. I'm tired of the snowjob that people are getting when they try to get into cabals.

For all you leaders know, that person asking you to get in is ME. So you ought to have been sure to stay on the ball. Since me just saying this isn't enough to get people's [REDACTED] in gear, I am hearby establishing the following policy:

1. If you have located a member and roleplayed your desire to join the cabal/tribunal please keep a log of that encounter along with the date that it occurred. If after two weeks, you have not heard anything from the cabal about your status, please email me.

2. I will post the person in question's name on the appropriate cabal forum. This way there will be NO EXCUSE about awareness of this person.

3. A decision about the member must be made within a week of this posting. Post this decision on the forum so that all members know of the result. Every possible attempt to either bring the member into the group or inform him of his ineligibility must be made within this time frame.

4. If I receive another email from the potential member after that third week stating they still have not received word, I will first check the forums to see if a decision has been made. If it has not, I will silently make a note of the failure.

5. If a cabal ever has three verified failures in meeting their membership deadlines during a single leader's tenure, I reserve the right to completely disband that cabal and have it reorganized without notice.

That's right, not just remove the current leader, I will WIPE the cabal. I'm now expecting peer pressure to do the job here. If you value your own cabal membership, even if you are just a schmoe, you will relay all requests about membership to your leader immediately and continue to nag him/her until they make a decision on time.

I wish it didn't have to come down to this, but it's a sad fact that politely asking someone to shape up doesn't do a damn thing. And while I'll acknowledge that there are some groups that have been doing a good job, it's always the problem groups that wreck it for everyone else.

I expect this to be the end of the problems on this issue.

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