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How to create an Alias to stack commands
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Author:  jreid_1985 [ Sun Oct 31, 2021 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  How to create an Alias to stack commands

I ran into some issues trying to explain this to someone and the helpfile didn't really touch on it. You have to use the ( ~ )character to stack commands, ( ; ) is used to separate commands.


Creatures are constant kicking dirt in your eyes and you are tired of having to manually remove a weapon and wash it out.
You want to remove your longsword and use an eyewasher during training, but you want to be able to do it by entering one command.

Alias eyewash remove longsword~;wear eyewasher~;use~;remove eyewasher~;wear longsword

then you just type in 'eyewash' and it will execute those commands

You want to spam an ability or spell while training on some monsters, but you just want to use a number and you want to target specific creatures. You have to use ( &* )

alias 2 c 'acid blast' &*~;c 'acid blast' &*~;c 'acid blast' &*

So you have a bat, a roach and a maggot in the sewers and you want to target the roach now

you simply type in 2 roach and you will cast acid blast three times at it

There are 5 similar roaches in the same room, but you only have enough mana to kill one and you don't want to overcast it by killing the first roach only to run out of mana during a fight with the second roach.

You cant target the fifth roach by using 5.roach

So using our previous alias, you simply type in 2 5.roach

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