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Who list suggestion - tagging
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Author:  patrisaurus [ Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Who list suggestion - tagging

Simple idea, inspired by the recent who list changes -

What if all characters were allowed to create custom 3 letter tags for other players, that were unique to the tagger? This could have a cap similar to greets based on the intelligence of the character in question, and allow for easier who list parsing during gameplay.

In practice, you could use "tag patrisaurus foe" or "tag patrisaurus frd" (or whatever abbreviations you chose) to help your character easily remember and watch for foes and friends about the gameworld. "Tag" without any arguments could show a list similar to "alias" and "untag" could work like unalias to forget obsolete ones.

Going with my example, "who foe" would then show a list of all currently online players I've tagged with the letters "foe".

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