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areas in SK I still don't understand the existence of
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Author:  ladyjennbo [ Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:28 pm ]
Post subject:  areas in SK I still don't understand the existence of

Acolyte's Study
Upon entering this room you find a sense of peace that surrounds you.
Everything in this room is very orderly from the finely polished floor to
the carefully dusted book shelves. Taking a closer look at the bookshelves
you notice that all the books look brand new, as if they had never been
touched! Yet you see many people in here reading and learning.
Obvious exits: s
An acolyte stands here deep into her studies.

???? what is going on here???

that location that me and leila only teleported to ONCE, in Garazul, on top of the wagon or whatever -- I've never figured out how to get there again, or how to get back, etc.

A Quiet Alley
  You are in a narrow alley, nestled between a high stone wall to the
west and the squat and imposing stonework of the Royal Treasury to the
east. The ground is spread with gravel to keep the mud at bay and form a
narrow path that leads to a timber-framed building, so typical of Exile,
nestled into the north. Tangles of honeysuckle and Taslamaran rose
intertwine with the verdant green ivy that frames the doorway and
windows of the building. A sign, upon which a lute has been finely
painted, hangs above the door.
  It's mostly clear, mild, and there is absolutely no wind. 
Obvious exits: n(closed) s

This room? what the HELL is behind that door??

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