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 Post subject: Tribe of the Na'rue
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Since we had the player of Raukrn create this awesome back story for our tribe I wanted to share it with everyone.

The History of the Na'rue:

It has been said that the tribe now known as The Na'rue were once the personal guardians of emperor Maximilian I of the Empire of Bright Star. Until recent, the Na’rue Tribe was thought to have been lost to the sands of time. 

As the legend goes following the death of General Nohamstis, Conqueror of the Empire Of Bright Star in Menegroth, chaos befell the Empire and many barbaric tribes that had once been united under the former Aghelian banner invaded the western portion of The Empire. The then young general, Maximilian I, upon seizing power in the newly formed capital, began a campaign to quell the barbarian uprisings across the Empire, asserting himself as Emperor. 

As Emperor Maximilian I conquered the Northern barbaric tribes, his legions came upon a vicious, barbaric centaur tribe. Not one to to second guess a potential enemy, the young Emperor sent forth his largest and most skilled Legion to put down the tribe. What followed that morning was a battle beyond fathom. In the end much to the surprise, and demise, of the Legion the small tribe slaughtered wave after wave of Legion, their warriors rending the skilled armor-clad Legion utterly useless. 

As the dust from the battle settled, there amidst the bodies of fallen centaur and legion alike stood two, proud, pitch-black centaurs. The Chieftain Tregor, a massive barbaric warrior, and his wife, Alydin, a devout Speaker of the Red Dragon Spirit - a known totem of Power and War. 

Now, in these times, the Gods and Goddesses more regularly interjected themselves into the world of the living, and the the Great God of War, Sargas, had heard the din of battle and watched with eager curiosity as the battle played out that day. 

So impressed was The Smiter with the skill and raw power of the centaurs that he cut open the sky and descended down to the battlefield and the young Emperor. Recognizing the potential Conquests that could behold if these centaurs joined the mighty Legion, Sargas appointed Chieftain Tregor and Speaker Alydin as top ranking generals and personal guards to the Emperor. As a sign of respect to the Na’rue, the God did what has never been done before, he adopted the symbol of The Red Dragon as his own - one of Power, Glory and Conquest. 

Seeing the opportunity to further their own influence, the Na’rue leaders accepted the positions appointed to them by the god and alongside Emperor Maximilian I finished the conquest of the barbaric tribes and unification of the entire Eastern portion of Prythia under the banner of The Empire of Bright Star.

As time passed the two centaurs had 4 sons - massive, pitch black creatures - whom all held high ranking positions in the Legion and Loyal to the Emperor. It is said there were no closer trusted advisors to the Emperor than Chieftain Tregor and no more favored a priestess than Speaker Alydin. 

As all things do, time passed and the Emperor and Na’rue leaders grew old. Upon the death of Emperor Maximilian I, chaos and a struggle for succession of the Throne between the Emperor's children befell the mighty Empire. The emperor’s second son, Maximilian III, ultimately ascending to power. 

Recognizing the selfish decadent nature of the new Emperor, the two Na’rue leaders took with them their sons, their wives and grand children and departed for Wakemorne Island. There, on grounds sacred to Lord Sargas, the tribe established camp and faded from the attention of Pyrathia and the Empire. 

Centuries passed and the small tribe persisted in their own little world on the island, remaining loyal to the First Banner of Bright Star and faithful to their newly adopted Patron, The Red Dragon Spirit, Sargas. 

The Na’rue Tribe had thought to be lost to time until recently, when stories reached their camp of deceit and weakness within the Empire they hold loyalties to. What has emerged is a new generation of the Na’rue, Loyal to the Bloodline of The First Emperor Maximillian I and Lord Sargas. This new generation remains pitch black in appearance, as dark as midnight, head shaved and wreathed in ritual scars and tattoos most commonly that of a mighty red dragon. 

While obvious to any who remember the tale of the Na’rue it is best left unmentioned that time has not been kind to their stature. From result of seclusion, this new generation of Na’rue stands a stunted, yet muscular, build as compared to the tales of Na’rue past. A trait they are well too aware of. 

The Na’rue remain loyal to the original Banner of The Bright Star and The Lord of War and have one sole purpose in their reemergence: restore Power and Glory to the Empire under the Banner of The Red Dragon Spirit. 

Any who stand in their way be warned. 

Power. Glory. Bright Star.

Na'rue Culture:

The Na’rue are vicious and fiercely loyal to their tribe, The Bright Star and Lord Sargas - The Red Dragon Spirit. Their roots as a nomadic tribe have cemented a strong spiritual connection with their ancestors and a strong connection to The Red Dragon Spirit, whom is embodied in Lord Sargas. Historically, their warriors are barbaric and are some of the most skilled hunters. Over the years, their quest for personal power has found them in close alliance with The Empire of Bright Star and thus have adapted to the more formal warfare of the Legion. 

Aberrant to the core there is no worse enemy then a crossed Na’rue, nor a more loyal soldier to ride side by side into battle with. A crossed Na’rue executes vengeance swiftly and  harshly without comprise.

The Na'rue look down scornfully on the weak, exercising their battle prowess to assert dominance over anyone whom they deem weaker. Due to the downfall of the Empire to the selfish gluttony of Maximillian III, they resent the decadent and lazy.

The Red Dragon Spirit:

The totem of the red dragon is known among Northern Tribes to be a symbol of War, Power and Glory. There is no battle totem more recognized than that of The Red Dragon and warriors for centuries have prayed to this totem for blessings and protection as they ride into battle.

The Na'rue believe that the diety more commonly known as Lord Sargas to civilized cultures is the embodiment of the Red Dragon Spirit and as such, the terms are used interchangeably in Na'rue stories and prayers.

Common ways of showing respects for The Red Dragon Spirit are massive pires following a successful battle. An air that is filled with the scent of burning flesh of the weak is the air that carries the blessings of The Red Dragon Spirit. 

Another common symbol of the Red Dragon Spirit is the eternal flame. It is said the Eternal Flame of War now recognized as a symbol of Lord Sargas was adopted from the Red Dragon Spirit and the Na'rue specifically.

Followers of The Red Dragon Spirit are known typically for their massive intricate tattoos covering their body and ritual scarring which is inflicted by a speaker and blessed with flame.

This tribe is not exclusive and anyone who wants to play a centaur is welcomed to join the tribe. And seeing that there is a bonanza about to start, there is no time like the present to join in or for a returning player or brand new one to pick up something new. I look forward to seeing you all in the game!

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