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never change werttrew
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Author:  ladyjennbo [ Mon May 01, 2023 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  never change werttrew

l section10
*An out-of-character end note from creator to player:

Regular chess's inventions like en passant, castling, and two-square
initial moves for pawns/peons do not exist in gnomic chess. These were
European inventions brought in the later stages of the
game--double-first move for pawns in 1275, en passant in 1490, castling
1555--to speed the game up (as well as enable some more defensive
playing). Gnomes ain't exactly speedy types, y'know?*

A complete set and board of gnomic chess is made of stone and size small.

i bet this is the smartest guy to have ever played sk

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