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 Post subject: Radi Kenga's chamber of riches.
PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:23 pm 

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Alright, going to try my hand at this. We'll see how this goes. I'm going to try to keep this more informative and less 'go east five times, down, open southeast, kill the troll, go south twice, etc'. If it's unacceptable, I imagine it will get yoinked.

Introduction :
Radi Kenga's, while often referred to as an area ICly, as in 'let's go to Radi's', is technically not an area unto itself which is likely confusing to the unaware. It is a section within another area, the Lost Jungle. It is buried deep within the bowels of that area.

I'm unaware of much history here, though there is obviously some tie between the saurian NPCs and Radi Kenga (the dragon) since their chieftain holds the key to accessing her chambers. I also believe there are IG references to Radi sort of being the Big Momma dragon of Pyrathia, and she is definitely mechanically one of the more difficult to kill as well as the proud owner of the biggest and best 'dragon hoard' that exists in game.

Sextant coordinates are kind of moot. The Lost Jungle is closer to portal stones than Exile is. You can seek out the name of the particular stones in game fairly easily. Once there, there are a couple of entrances into the actual Lost Jungle area in the island's Jungle world map rooms.

Status range for the Jungle and Radi's is Mentor-Grandmaster, depending on group configuration and equipment levels. I've reached Radi's with just a GM sorc before, and I've had four-five member groups wipe. I'll cover some of the dangers further on.

Water breathing/airy water is the only strict -requirement- for this venture. Magical devices that grant these, like staves, are generally preferred, or potions, as actually holding the spells on a group is incredibly taxing on the caster. Easy access to invisibility makes it much easier as well. And remember, only PCs need to be invisible, NPCs won't attack pets/NPCs in your group unless they can detect you.


Okay, now you've reached the Lost Island and found a path or trail into the jungle area. The jungle is flooded with aggressive NPCs. The vast majority of them are pretty weak and any group with a warrior and healer will be fine, the only people who'd need to worry are those trying with an odd group configuration. Most of the NPCs also can not detect invisible.

Your goal in the jungle area is to find the river. It's mostly 'in the middle' of the area, and is rather long. You can keep an eye out for it by looking around and keeping an eye out for fish-type NPCs in the distance.

Once in the river, you're going DOWN, underwater and this is where you need water breathing obviously. It's also where access to invisibility becomes more helpful for a few reasons. One, nothing in the water detects. Two, the NPCs in the water are a small step up (but really still shouldn't be a concern for the typical warrior/healer combo). Thirdly, and most importantly, because you're swimming underwater and failed swim checks may jack your formation and you don't want to wind up with half your group swimming ahead into aggro NPCs while your tanks fail to swim.

Your objective under the river is largely west-southwest, and is a closed exit. Once past that 'door', your characters are out of the water and you don't need water breathing for the rest of this excursion.

The area past the door is small (and filled with a couple of the same aggressive Saurian NPCs as the river), and leads to a named 'boulder' exit. Through the boulder is a very small, and very straightforward area filled with a lot of saurian NPCs who are all aggressive.

A warrior/healer -can- do this part solo, but accidents happen. Radi's is one area that doesn't punish you for having more PCs by random-spawning based on your group size (like the outer planes or dreamscape do), so take as many people as you want.

Looking as you move is important. With invis, you can walk by the first few rooms to the next to last one. Otherwise, you'll he killing 2-5+ moderately strengthed saurian amazons/gorillas/etc in each room. The goal in this small area is the 'named' Saurian NPCs. The saurian great chieftain, saurian grand shaman, saurian mystic, etc. They don't move and are in the last room of the area. Stop a room away from them, clear the room you're in of its random saurians, then draw the named ones in one at a time.

The chieftan drops a 'small blue flame', which is the 'key' to access Radi's chambers. With the flame in hand, and the chieftain's room cleared, move into it. It appears to be a dead end at first. Have someone (not your warrior) hold the blue flame and enter the command 'flame' and everyone in the room is transported to Radi Kenga's chamber of riches. You are 98% guaranteed to be transported into a fight. I'll detail the fight further on.


Now, you're inside Radi's, let me explain the composition of this area, which will help with explaining the first fight.

Radi Kenya's is a small, nine room area unto itself. Once inside, the only way out is recalling. It is no gate/summon. It has a very simple design. It's a 3x3 square.


That is radi kenga's. Radi is in the central room. When you use the flame, you are transported to the X south of (beneath) the central room. Radi doesn't move, but every other NPC in the area does. They are all golems/elementals, with the golems of course being magic immune and having scripts.

The golems and elementals each -spawn- in their own room and there is only one of each. But they roam, so unless you just killed all of them and they respawned, there's a chance for them to be stacked in a room in groups of two, or even three.

Which is where most of the danger of this area comes in. The room you get teleported to is the room the ether golem spawns in, and it scripts chain lightning. Not bad on its own unless you take forever to kill it. The problem is, it's next to the room the air elemental spawns in, and that NPC gas blasts, also next to the room the magma golem spawns in, and that NPC scripts magma spray. And it's not uncommon for you to get teleported into the ether golem +1, which is pretty much the main danger to this particular SK adventure. So bring friends and be ready to heal in that first room.

None of the NPCs in Radi's have loot. All the loot is on the ground in chests, some of which are locked. The key is the ivory dragon statue on the ground in the room east of the central room.

The NPCs and their dangers are as follows.

Ether golem, chain lightning script.
Air elemental, gas blast.
Magma golem, magmas.
Fire elemental, nothing.
Mud golem, petrification script (aside from the danger of the first room, this NPC is why people die here).
Water elemental, reaches and hits fairly hard.
Ice golem, cone of cold script that only hits one target, not terribly dangerous.
Earth Elemental, nothing.

Once you clear the first room, things are easier because you can 'check for NPCs' before moving. Give your drawing person infravision and have them try to cast north/wherever at golem or elemental. Veeeery important you do that. Especially at the beginning, because the transport script that teleported you into radio's can, does, and will [REDACTED] up your group. All transport scripts do it. When you move out of the first room, a chunk of your group will not follow you, so if you walk into NPCs...gonna have a bad day. So, move back and forth a couple times, make sure everyone's following, and fix your formation. Draw NPCs before moving and you should be golden from there on, unless the mud golem gets you. Have fortitude!

Now, Radi herself. Is technically not aggressive, you can walk into her room, loot her chest and walk out while she does her rarrrrr script.

If you actually want to kill Radio, it is -required- that you clear the area of the golems and elementals, because she has a script where she fans her wings and blows people out of the room. A-la Fist skill, but at your whole group. Would not recommend scrapping with her without a decent group. Also of note is that I believe Radi is one of the few NPC's in the game that doesn't respawn. She stays dead until the next reboot.

To leave, you have to recall.


Now, touching base on the items and equipment located here.

Of the nine rooms in Radi's, most have 1-2 treasure chests in them.

There is a lot of filler/flavor items here, but also a lot of great items. I'll just note some of the more interesting.

My personal favorite, first.

A tiny, polished hand-mirror. A mirror image staff, with I believe an item-quantity of four existing.
An ancient elven scroll. Light-aura restricted, holy word/heal scroll. Also four, I believe.
A twisted griffon-halberd. Light-aura restricted, adamantite griffon halberd.
The tiny sceptre of a pixie queen. Faerie fire staff.
A fiery ruby pendant. Greater willpower necklace.
A shimmering mercurial bracelet. Greater fortitude.
A twisted wrought-iron staff. Dark aura restricted, hellfire staff.
Blade of damnation. Dark aura restricted adamantite straight dagger.
The armor of spartan samtavan. Dark aura restricted adamantite breastplate. Scripts.
A crystal ball. Shaman-specific scrying device. Crumbles if not held and is no-save, so you have to go to radi's and get it when you want to use it.
A bejewelled gnomish crown. Mithril helmet.
A lock of angel's hair. Light aura restricted....treasure worn on the head, iirc.
A coiled whip of negative energy. Dark aura restricted energy battle-whip.
A lacquered wooden wand. Animate dead wand.

Might be forgetting a useful item or two. There are dozens of other items, ranging from teapots and chalices, to rings (with meh enchantments) and a tanso helmet or mithril harp.

And that's all folks! Hope that helps somebody and doesn't get removed.

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 Post subject: Re: Radi Kenga's chamber of riches.
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Nice guide, Grats. :drunk:

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